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In July 2009, what began as a way to make a young cousin's 7th birthday a special one, turned out to be the door God opened to unveil a hidden passion. My dream has always been to use my creative talents in a way that would allow me to touch others and after I completed my very first cake - I knew that this was where God was leading me. My prayers were answered, my passion discovered and so Divine Delight Custom Cakes, LLC was established.

Just a few short months after starting my journey I experienced the horrifying blow of being terminated from my job. Hopeless and confused I began to dedicate more time to my new passion, having no idea the road this would lead me on.  I loved doing it but never in my wildest idea dreamed of ever baking cakes for a living :) But God had a different plan...... I didn't understand it all, but I trusted Him. 

As my passion for creating cakes grew, so did my dream to become better. In 2015 I knew it was time to move forward. Not only was our location to change, but so would our name...In 2015 we opened our location under the name Q-Ti Cakes.

So..What's In a Name? 

In choosing a name I knew it had to be something significant, something  unique,  something personal, something catchy and something cute.  It was then that my husband came up with the name "Q-Ti Cakes" ... The name is dissected as such: I am affectionately known by my loved ones as "Q",  in Spanish Ti' is translated into "To you"...the dash between the name signifies "from" therefore the name "Q-Ti" means "From Q To You".  Not to mention when it is spoken audibly the name  sounds like "Cutie Cakes" which points out the fact that our cakes are indeed "cute". So like our cakes, that are more than simply surface beauty, our name is also filled with intricate details from the inside out.  


It always has and always will be our goal to provide my customers with the finest quality cakes both inside and out. This is why we insist that each cake is baked from scratch using only the freshest ingredients. Each cake is made especially for you, never frozen, only made to order.  With Q-Ti Cakes you get the flavor grandma used to bake, but with the modern design unique to your style, your taste, your flare.   We believe in being unique, the way God has made each of us special,  and your cake should be just that. No two cakes are ever the same, rather each one is designed with the client in mind. Life is an amazing journey and with each milestone there is indeed a reason to celebrate. Be it a birthday, anniversary, wedding, shower or any other event, Q-Ti Cakes has made it our promise to provide our customers with a cake that is sure to make your event even more memorable! 

Try us and "Experience the Taste of Luxury"

Leroy Green Jr and I trying something with the angles and depth of the camera.
Instagram - The view at night #nope #notyouraveragecakeshop #luxury #elegance
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