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Ordering a custom cake can be an overwhelming, yet fun experience. So we've made the process a little smoother by asking three simple questions. Knowing the answer to these questions will help us design the perfect cake that suites your needs. They are: 

What is your theme/color scheme?

- For obvious reasons, knowing the theme and color scheme will allow us to design a cake that highlights your theme, event or the celebrated recipient. 


How many people would you like to feed? 

- Knowing how many people you would like to feed helps us determine the size cake that will best fit your guests as well as your design. The cake size also helps us determine pricing, since our cakes are priced based on serving size. Click here to see our Serving Size Chart 

Do you have a budget? 

- We believe in providing clients with a custom cake that is of the highest quality, in both flavor as well as design. We do understand that budgeting is very important. By knowing the limitations of your budget, we can design a cake to suit just that. Because every cake is unique it is difficult to preset prices. 

Ordering A Cake..... Here's What You Should Know

Frequently Asked Questions...

What are your cake prices? 

 - Like our cake designs, our cake prices are customized based on the design, size and flavor of your cake.  With so many variables, it is difficult  to give an exact price, which is why we are committed to working with each client until we find the perfect cake to meet your budget. 

I saw a cake on your site, can I order that exact one?

 - We pride ourselves on creating unique designs that our clients can appreciate as their very own - for this reason, we  want to create a unique cake just for you. Out of the hundreds of designs we've done we have yet to repeat a cake design. We enjoy the challenge of bringing your theme and dream to life. Let's design your perfect cake TOGETHER!

Do you deliver? 

 - Yes we do! Deliveries are to be scheduled in adequate time to allow us to properly plan our schedule to accommodate your delivery.  All deliveries will charged a fee that will be determined based on the location as well as size and complexity of the cake. 

I'm interested in purchasing a Cake, do you offer free samples? 

 - We would love for the world to take one bite and experience how amazing our flavors are! Unfortunately we can't offer this as a free service. Great news though - You may still purchase a cupcake or as many as you like -from our in-store Cupcake Boutique.


How do I book a Custom Cake? 

 - To book a cake you may call, email and in some instances text us your order. Please note in order to confirm your order a 50% deposit will be due 1 week - 2 weeks prior to your event. Last minute orders, when available will be subject to full payment requirement at the time of booking.. Deposits are transferable but non-refundable. 

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